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How can I play DFS on RageFan?

RageFan supports DFS play on web and android applications through Rage Tokens. 

  1. Register on DFS website or Android app
  2. Create a new wallet or connect your existing blockchain wallet. 
  3. Login and select the contest you wish to participate
  4. Join with Rage Tokens and Win by topping the leaderboard

Can I make changes to my team?

The users are allowed to make multiple changes in their team but prior to the deadline of the match. The users should ideally change when the lineups are out to ensure better chance of scoring maximum points as non competing players will not fetch points.

How to collect digital assets on Scramble?

The mobile app is simple and straightforward where the users view the list of tokens or NFT and Scramble them. To Scramble, they have to physically move to the location of the token and capture it on their mobile device.

Which Blockchain network does Scramble support?

Scramble supports Polygon and Binance Chain networks

How Does Stake-and-Mint Work?

It’s simple as 1-2-3

  1. Users stake $Rage and earn (non-transferable) points. Points are earned for every second the token is staked
    • Flexi-Stake: This option allows you to earn point(s) as long as you stay Stake your $Rage. You can choose to UnStake at any moment.
    • Instant Reward: This option is similar to standard staking. You choose the amount of $Rage you’d like to stake and the duration you want to commit. All your points are given upfront to you.
  2. Users then use these points to mint NFTs of their choice. Calculate your potential winnings by checking the rewards section
  3. Users enter their wallet address containing their to respective forms and earn rewards when their team wins
  • NFTs

Do I need Rage tokens to play?

Blockchain Wallet can be created by any user for free and login. $Rage is required for participating in contests and each contest will specify its fees and rewards.

Rage also has free contests in matches for a limited time where users can join without $Rage. So if you are new to crypto or DFS participate without any risk by using this opportunity.

How do I Signup on RageFan?

The users can sign up on RageFan by filling a short registration form available on the RageFan DFS platform. After filling the form, the user can create a new wallet or import the existing wallet.

Is RageFan secure?

All transactions are recorded in the blockchain. Each contest fees are secured in Smartcontracts ensuring secure transactions.

What is NFT Stake-and-Mint?

NFT Stake-and-Mint is a gamified staking solution where the entire staking rewards is based on the outcomes of real-world sporting events.

Can I Buy the NFT Instead Of Staking?

Users also have the option to mint their cards through a “buy” feature using $Rage.

How Does the Game Play Work?

Enter the NFTs in the many tournaments available on the platform to win rewards. Each NFT has its own utility value and you will earn points based on it. In some contests backing the underdog gets your more rewards, e.g. Denmark in Euro 2021

Is there any Value for the NFTs?

Users can sell their NFTs on Opensea at any value they deem fit. Keep in mind that the utility of the NFT is tied to real-world sporting events and subsequent seasons will see lesser payouts.

Can I use my mobile phone to play this?

Stake-and-Mint solution is best experienced using a Chrome browser and metamask.

I’m interested in contributing to the artwork. Who should I connect with?

Drop an email with your sample artworks to

What is Scramble?

Scramble is a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality based token & digital asset engagement app. Rage.Fan’s Scramble has combined blockchain and AR to bring out a unique and engaging coin capture experience instead of the traditional airdrops.

How do I Signup on Scramble?

Download the mobile app from Google Playstore. IOS app will be launched soon. The users can sign up on Scramble by filling a short registration form. After filling the form, the user can create a new wallet or import the existing wallet.

Are various tokens listed on Scramble?

Various brands can list their tokens on Scramble allowing their users to capture tokens via scramble app and learn about the project.



If there’s any sport that you feel we have missed, if you want to give us a shout out or just have a conversation

Or email us at

If there’s any sport that you feel we have missed, if you want to give us a shout out or just have a conversation

Or email us at