How to Play

  • Install app or open web link and Signup
  • Connect or Import you wallet with $Rage Tokens in the platform
  • Select the sport you wish to play
  • Ragefan supports fantasy games across multiple sports. The user can select the sport after connecting the wallet.
  • Matches are listed based on the sport selected. The users can view the upcoming matches in a league or tournament with details as below,
    • League or tournament name
    • Match with Teams contesting
    • Time left to participate
  • Multiple contests are available in a match that can be viewed. The contests are created with below criteria,
    • Entry Fees
    • Participants
    • Prize distribution
    • Maximum teams allowed from a user
  • Choose the type of contest you wish to participate
    • Full Match
    • Player Fantasy
  • Choose a Contest :
  • Create and join with a team after paying the fees :
  • Edit your teams once line-ups are out :
  • Wait and see your Teams Perform :
  • Receive winning based on the scores and prize list :

Sample payout matrix

Assuming the total prize pool for a contest 200,000 $Rage, below is one of the combinations in which the rewards could be distributed.

Position of the Team Prize
# 1 50,000 $Rage
# 2 - 5 25,000 $Rage
# 6 - 10 10,000 $Rage