Governance/Staking for participation

  • As RageFan evolves into a DAO platform, the community starts becoming more actively involved in RageFan Platform’s decisions. The decisions are taken via governance votes. In order to participate in governance votes, token holders must first stake their tokens. Holders with $Rage token staked can participate in governance which can directly impact the direction of the platform. Staking for a duration. ensures that the holder is invested in the project and not purchasing the tokens for voting purposes only.

Platform Fee

  • RageFan DFS supports multiple tokens as fee for the contest on DFS platform. The reward received is also in the same token as the fee. Portion of the fee is taken as platform fees. On an average this is 10% of the total fee deposited. Contests with other tokens like USDT or Matic, 5% out of the 10% rake fee is deposited into the community fund. If the token is in Rage, 5% of the 10% rake fee will be sent to a separate wallet which will be burned later. Remaining 5% of the fee of both Rage and other tokens will be utilised to compensate for contracts creation, gasless transaction cost and player rewards apart from the contest winnings.

Fantasy Mining

  • This is the democratic way to distribute tokens to active players of RageFan. Each week, up to 5,000 $RAge will be allocated to DFS users, proportional to their gross winnings
    • 5,000 $Rage per week.
    • Awarded at the end of the week.
  • The tokens are distributed to winners and not just participants. The $Rage mined through fantasy play is automatically staked for a 30 days cool off period. Post this the players can withdraw from the fantasy application.

Season Bet Platform fee

  • The season bet platform earns via NFT sales. Rewards or payouts are given to users who successfully bet for a match. The fees collected from NFT sales are deposited in a contract and the users winning are automatically paid out. via will be deposited into the company fund and a portion into the community fund. The community fund will be utilized as mentioned earlier.


  • Staking is the act of locking up tokens for a period of time. Tokens that are staked remain in the user’s control, but they can no longer be transferred. By staking tokens, the circulating supply of the token is temporarily reduced, which also has the beneficial effect of increasing scarcity.
  • Special stalking programs will be announced regularly in official rage channels. Investors and users should follow the channels for announcements on staking

Liquidity Mining

  • Liquidity mining is a process in which crypto holders lend assets to decentralized exchanges in return for rewards. These rewards commonly stem from trading fees that are accrued from traders swapping tokens on these exchanges. $Rage holders can similarly benefit by lending their tokens and swap currency like USDT to exchanges for benefits of $Rage received as rewards from trading fees.
  • Liquidity mining programs will be announced in RageFan official channels.