NFT - Season Bet App

The NFT play application will allow the user to participate in a contest for every match throughout an entire tournament/league. The issued NFTs will be specific to a team and each NFT will have a specified usage number and a winning amount. The holder can utilise a chance to win based on the outcome of the match. NFT holder receives the reward if the team which NFT depicts wins the match.

Every sport is exciting, engaging and has its own fan base. The Sports industry is one of the largest which connects demographics across the globe and develops an intercultural sensibility. Predictions and Betting on a team has always been widely popular in fan culture. Most of the current prediction and betting platforms lack transparency in their transactions. But the NFT play platform records all the transactions on the chain so the contest and participation are secured through smart contacts where users can view the actual bet amounts without any speculations. The NFT play platform will soon evolve to a place where it could have an actual effect in the way of how traditional sports betting is done.

NFT play application is a decentralised platform which shares its larger portion of revenue back into the ecosystem. The users can also view the revenue generation by the platform on the chain. NFT play application will be a distinctive and innovative new age betting platform which brings NFTs, crypto, betting and all sports fans worldwide together in the same platform.