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Technology Layer

Our products are built using NodeJS full stack for web and Android, iOS and Flutter technologies for mobile applications and use MongoDB and MSSQL databases. NodeJS is a robust technology stack, scaleable, fast-processing and event-based mode and widely used, it has proven to be an undisputed leader among the most popular programming languages.

Biconomy provides us with the transaction infrastructure for next-generation Web 3.0 applications. We are using Biconomy’s powerful and intuitive APIs to enable a simple and customized transaction journey, providing the end users of the RageFan platform a seamless experience devoid of blockchain complexities. Users get a gasless experience where they don’t have to hold matic for transactions.

Polygon (erstwhile Matic Network) is a leading Layer 2 scaling solution provider on the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon uses an adapted version of the Plasma framework along with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus-based side chains to improve scalability considerably. Using a two-way peg between the main blockchain and the sidechain, Polygon divides the workload between the two to massively scale transactions. Polygon enables transactions in a cost efficient and reliable manner.